Regional administration Blagoevgrad

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Political Cabinet

Regional Governor

Valeri Sarandev  – District Governor of Blagoevgrad Region




Powers of the Regional Governor

Law for the Administration
Art. 29. (1) The regional governor shall be a one-man body of the executive power in the region, on-the-spot carrying through the state governing and providing compliance between the national and the local interests in conducting the regional policy.
(2) In carrying through his activity the regional governor shall be supported by deputy regional governors and by a regional administration.

(3) The staff of the political cabinets of the deputy prime Ministers, as well as the number and the kind of the positions of the officials at the political cabinets shall be determined by the Structural regulations of the Council of Ministers and its administration.
(4) The activity of the political cabinets of the prime Minister and the ministers shall be supported by advisers on certain issues, who may not perform managing functions, by experts and technical assistants.
(5) The chief of the cabinet, the parliamentary secretary, the spokesman, the advisers and the experts under par. 4, the technical assistants as well as the officials under par. 3 shall be appointed under labour contracts by the respective bodies under Art. 27, para 1.
(6) The legal relations with the persons under par. 5, as well as with the chief of the unit or the expert for public relations shall be terminated at assessment of the respective body of the executive power or with the termination of its authority.
(7) The body of the executive power may assign to the chief of the cabinet separate authorities on the legal labour relations of the members, advisers, experts and technical assistants at the political cabinet, exempt from the appointment and the termination of the legal relation, as well as the imposition of disciplinary penalties.


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